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State of the Stone 2017: New Psychoactives, Science, Tech, and Recursion Between Undergrounds and Mainstreams
Earth and Fire Erowid
Sunday, April 23, 2017 • 5:30 PM - 6:00 PM • Jr. Ballroom


earth and fire erowid

Waves of novelty crashing upon the shores of consciousness bring ever-new options for changing how we think and feel. As we look at history, the Now, and the future, our psychedelic communities ar increasingly incorporated into mainstream narratives about culture, brain science, health, and rites of passage. We'll romp through new psychoactive substances, electroceuticals, Tor-web, and the classics on our way to another peek at the quest for the philosopher's stone.

Fire is Executive Director of Erowid Center and Head Archivist of With twenty years of experience studying psychoactive plants and drugs, she has written thousands of pages of information about these materials, read by tens of millions of people and re-purposed by many other publications. She's received multiple awards, spoken at academic and professional conferences, and has had her work cited by newspapers, education programs, college classes, and seminars around the world.

Earth is Erowid Center's Technical Director. He designs and implements the custom software systems necessary for managing the large flow of information through the site and is the lead editor responsible for scientific information published by Erowid. Earth founded and has led the EcstasyData anonymous drug analysis project (with Fire) for 16 years. He has co-authored academic papers, book chapters, and hundreds of articles. He battles online robots daily, fighting for privacy and security.

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