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Scientists I Have Known and Loved: A Conversation with Ann Shulgin
Ann Shulgin
Moderated by Tania Manning
Sunday, April 23, 2017 • 2:30 PM - 3:00 PM • Jr. Ballroom

Psychologist, researcher, writer Ann Shulgin speaks with Tania Manning about her experience at the epicenter of the psychedelic research movement, and answers questions from the audience.


ann shulgin

Ann Shulgin is a researcher and writer who worked with psychedelics such as MDMA and 2C-B for three years as a lay-therapist while they were still legal. She has unique and valuable insights into the beneficial effects that psychedelics can have in therapeutic contexts and has made herself a spokesperson for those who continue to do such work. With her husband Sasha, she has co-authored the books PIHKAL and TIHKAL, and she is working together on Book Three in that series. Ann continues to speak at conferences, particularly about the healing potential of MDMA and psychedelics, and is a respected elder in the psychedelic community.


tania manning

Tania Manning is a research assistant and archivist for the Alexander Shulgin Research Institute, working to preserve Sasha and Ann Shulgin's papers, correspondence, library, and artifacts. She is coauthor (with Sasha Shulgin and Paul Daley) of The Shulgin Index, and she is helping facilitate the writing of Book Three, the Shulgins' follow-up to PIHKAL and TIHKAL, featuring new personal and chemical love stories. Manning also appears in the Shulgin documentary Dirty Pictures, directed by Etienne Sauret. Manning is renowned for her endless enthusiasm, generosity, empathy, and dedication to enhancing the enjoyment of embodiment.

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