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Psychotherapeutic Intervention in Integration of Difficult Psychedelic Experiences: The ICEERS Support Service
Marc Aixalà, Ph.D.
Friday, April 21, 2017 • 11:30 AM - 12:00 AM • Jr. Ballroom

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With the renaissance of interest in psychedelics, more people are in search of transformative experiences. This globalized scenario of psychedelic use implies a wide range of settings, from the Amazon rainforest to Western clinical research labs. While most of these adventurers have no challenges during or after their experiences, some encounter difficulties that lead them to seek support following a session. Integration becomes an important aspect to consider in such cases. The ICEERS Support Service was created with the intention of assessing this need, and we have been offering integration services to people that have had experiences with psychedelics, primarily ayahuasca, since 2014.

In this presentation Marc will share data collected by the ICEERS Support Service over the last two years, drawn from over 190 interventions carried out per year. This data includes the amount of support requests, the type of support needed and the psychoactive substances involved, the profiles of those who contact us, and the type of psychotherapeutic interventions performed in order to facilitate integration. Three cases involving integration therapy for ayahuasca, iboga and MDMA experiences will also be discussed.

Marc Aixalà , is a Telecommunication Engineer and Psychologist. Post degree studies in Integrative Psychotherapy and Strategic Therapy. Trained in the therapeutic use of Non Ordinary States of Consciousness. Trained in MDMA assisted-psychotherapy for PTSD by MAPS Coordinates the ICEERS Support Service and offers integration psychotherapy sessions for people in challenging situations after experiences in non ordinary states of consciousness.

Holotropic Breathwork facilitator and member of Grof Transpersonal Training Staff. Has facilitated workshops in Barcelona, Switzerland, Romania, Israel and Slovenia. Works as a psychotherapist in Barcelona and is doing research into the therapeutic applications of Holotropic Breathwork. He has also been a Team Leader and Trainer at Kosmicare in Boom Festival.

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