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Accredited Certificate Program in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research at CIIS: Guidelines, Competencies and Outcomes from the Pioneering Year
Janis Phelps, Ph.D.
Sunday, April 23, 2017 • 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM • Jr. Ballroom


Phil Wolfson

This presentation will be an interactive review and discussion of the goals, guidelines and outcomes of the first academically accredited certificate training on psychedelic-assisted therapy and research anywhere in the world. This university program is housed at the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA. in the Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research ( The program was founded by Dr. Janis Phelps in consultation with major researchers from MAPS, Heffter Research Institute, Council for Spiritual Practices, and Compass Pathways. This 180-hour post-graduate professional program reflects current models of psychedelic therapy research design and advanced therapist competencies. It is a university-approved training for licensed Clinical Psychologists, MDs, RN/NPs, MFTs, MSWs, and ordained clergy or chaplains.

The six modules of the training have well-founded research and academic bases: neuropharmacology and research foundations, global transformational traditions, therapist competencies, experiential and role-playing practices, en vivo instruction, and individual mentoring. The 2016 program learning objectives, methods of training, and program outcomes from the highly successful first year of training will be presented. An engaging discussion will follow the presentation on questions about the place for such training for psychotherapists, clergy and medical professionals.

Janis Phelps, Ph.D., has been a professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), San Francisco, CA. for the past 21 years. For six years prior, she was professor at Florida International University, Miami. She served as Dean of Faculty at CIIS from 1996-2001 for the graduate departments in the social sciences and humanities. A licensed clinical psychologist and MFT, she has held CIIS professorships in the East-West Psychology (program begun by Alan Watts) and in the clinical psychology graduate programs. She is currently the Director of the CIIS Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research. As the Center’s founder, she developed and launched the first academically accredited, professional training program for psychedelic therapy and research. Her recent publication will appear this year in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology, “Developing Guidelines and Competencies for the Training of Psychedelic Therapists”.

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